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Actual Testimonials about our products from Social Media

"Loved my coasters and the customer service was excellent. I paid for shipping and then received a refund for part of the shipping because they were able to ship for less. AMAZING and unheard of! I will be shopping here again for original gifts!!"

- Anna

"Yes we were very impressed. The wrapping was meticulously done. The heft of the Coasters will ensure longevity. The artwork pops. These will make great gifts. This set is for us. Five stars for sure."

- Joe

"Thank you for these beautiful Christmas gifts!!"

- Holly

"Love the coasters and trivets from the James Riccio Collection!! Thank you!!"


"Swell! Those are just swell!!!"

- April

"Loved loved loved them!!! They turned out great!!! Thank you!"

- Marlys

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