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We currently ship all of our packages through USPS.  The price listed is the maximum price for shipping.  Depending on where we ship it may be less and we will refund you the difference after we ship.

We ship USPS Retail Ground or Priority Mail. 

If you are a local, howdy neighbor!  We can come up with a place to meet, you may pick up from our home, or if you are extra nice and offer baked goods or a great chowder recipe, we might just be convinced to drop off your new coasters!

Now for the elf that actually puts together the boxes for shipping.  That is me, Raye!  You may rest assured that I will safely package your shipment with the highest probability that your new goodies will make it to you safely.  I used to package up super delicate and wildly expensive equipment for MIT, so I got you covered!  In the off chance that something breaks during shipping, the post office covers insurance for $50.00 of damage.  If you require additional insurance, just let us know!  


If you are not 100% satisfied with our product we will refund or replace the product after it is returned. Our team thoroughly inspects each tile coaster and is packed with exteme care prior to shipment.

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