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  • How are your coasters made?
    With love. All of our coasters start with a blank sublimation tile we receive from a different vendor. We create templates using preexisting pictures or we create custom designs using special software. We then print a special sublimation paper and then attach it to a tile. The tiles are heated to over 400 degree in a heat press for several minutes. We remove the paper and the coaster is done once cooled.
  • Can I create custom coasters?
    Yes! If you would like custom coasters please contact us a We love to do custom projects and they are always free. We will not do anything that is copywrited or offensive. We try to keep out of politics but if you must have some, then there will be an additional upcharge.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    It depends. Custom orders may take longer but typically we can make the coasters same day and ship out the next. Then it is up to USPS to deliver on their timelines.
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