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                                  Welcome to 207 Maine Gifts


Finally, a place to put your wet stuff…. I mean drinks, a place to put your wet drinks.   


But aren’t all drinks wet? 

Yes, you have a point there, but this is a place to put your drinks so that the sweat from your liquid holder doesn’t mess up your beautiful (or maybe not so beautiful) table.  Sounds like a pretty fair deal to me! 

Aaah but why should you buy our custom printed coasters?


Well, ours are just cuter than the rest … no seriously. If you don’t see something you want contact us and chances are we can make it for you!  There are two things we don’t do and one thing we will, but with an extra charge! 

What are those two things we won’t do?  I’m so glad you asked!


     1.    Anything that is under copyright. It is wrong, and we don’t wanna get sued! 

     2.   If it goes against our values we aren’t doing it. Integrity can’t be bought, well some people’s can but ours can’t. 


What is that one thing that we will do but only with an extra charge?  Anything political. If you want a political coaster, or coasters, we will do it. We might have to hold our noses, but we will make the coasters.  Just know there will be one hell of an annoyance charge!   The charge will be whatever random number we choose that day, so be prepared to have deep pockets ;-)  


In all seriousness, we are a small business focused on having a good time, trying to bring some happiness and joy into people’s lives.  Some of our descriptions will be funny, well, most will, other descriptions might take on a more serious tone out of respect for the artist or the work being offered.  Thank you for coming to our little space on the internet and for welcoming us into your world!

                                                                                                                                 Jeremy and Raye Cooper   




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