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You are a person that knows what you like, you can show it with this chic, simple bag. You can carry your emotional damage, a bottle of wine and snacks, or even some fuzzy pajamas, the kind with the plastic grippy feet that you hated as a kid but secretly wish you had as an adult and then you find out that you can still buy some on amazon, but don’t leave our website because we got more stuffs, SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS!! Wow that was one heck of a sentence!


Buy our bag! We will put your stuff on it, so you can put your stuff in it.


These are highly durable 18.5" x 4.75" W X 15" H bags made of heavy cotton canvas. 


We can also do custom bags with you images, just contact us!

Eastport Moose Island Tote Bag

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our tote bags are designed and printed individually by our small team on premade pillowcase. We inspect each item for any imperfection before we ship to our customers. 

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