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Remember cool days and warm nights in Maine over the summer?  No, got that wrong, it was warm days and cool nights.  You, like so many others, left here before the cold winds and snow hit Maine each fall and winter. The problem is now you are missing our rocky shores, sandy beaches and salty air.  You are also missing the lobstah, the mackerels, crabs, and sardines!  Now you can have four coasters to remind you of the beautiful place that awaits you when you make your next trip back to Maine.  Our coastal collection utilizes vintage art created in the 1800s.  

Be sure to let us know if you want your coasters to say Eastport Maine or Maine, and let us know if you want one of each of these sea creatures or a custom selection (two crabs, two lobsters, etc).

P.S. You don’t have to stop at one set of four coasters, they make excellent presents!  You can buy 2, 3, 500 sets if you want.  Just let us know ;-) 

Eastport Coastal Collection

SKU: 0001
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our coasters are designed and printed individually by our small team on premade ceramic tiles. We inspect each tile for any impefection before we ship to our customers.

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