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Every once in a while, you make a connection to a great artist, for us we live in a community full of artists so we pretty regularly come across incredible talent, but this one takes the cake!  

Jim Riccio is a multi-talented gentleman with an extensive history in not only marketing for a famous sub sammich shop, but he is also an incredibly talented watercolor and oil painting artist. 


Jim has generously partnered with us to exclusively sell his art online as a coasters or for our upcoming trivets.  

Look at his artwork, be filled in a place of wonder, because he is that dang good and go look at his website as well. ( He has his beautiful prints available for sale so go check them out. 

The price for a set of the Riccio Collection of Coasters is $30.  


Trivet pricing featuring one of Jim’s paintings is only $25 each!  


You know you want one each of the onion, the peppers and the tomatoes for you kitchen.


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