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Do you have a touch of old age creeping in and can’t remember your zip code?  Nah, we don’t have that issue either … yet.  What we do have???  A love for the zip code aesthetic!   For this image, we have our beloved Eastport zip code with a gentle image of the Passamaquoddy Bay, ocean waters in the background.  We can do something similar for you and based on where you live! Do you live near the mountains?  Let us know we can do the mountains in the background!  Do you live near a pig farm?  We can take your photos of the pig farm and put that in the background with your zip code too!  We are only stopped by your imagination and a sense of common decency, okay we aren’t really stopped by a sense of common decency, let’s make this weird!  

Zip Code Collection

SKU: 0002
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our coasters are designed and printed individually by our small team on premade ceramic tiles. We inspect each tile for any impefection before we ship to our customers.

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