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This is Halloween, this is Halloween, everybody dance and sing!  


Nothing says creepy season like New England in the fall, especially when it is mixed with fun vintage Halloween themed images.   Are you like us and want to get your creep fest on year-round?  Love the dark and gothic?  US TOO!  Dark Cottagecore?  Color us darkly DELIGHTED!  We will gladly make things that make your dark heart sing all of the music from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Rocky Horror and the uniquely haunting tones of Type O Negative year-round!   

To make a purchase?  It is easier than a jump to the left, then a step to the ri-i-i-i-ight!  Now you are singing it.  You can curse me later! 

Keep checking back all year because we will undoubtedly be adding more things that will delight your spooky heart! 

Halloween Collection

SKU: 0004
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our coasters are designed and printed individually by our small team on premade ceramic tiles. We inspect each tile for any impefection before we ship to our customers.

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